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Using Text Messages in Di…

Using Text Messages in Divorce and Custody Matters

Text messages and emails can have a powerful impact in modern divorce and custody cases. Text messages and emails are instant ways to communicate with the other person without having to spend time dialing them up on the telephone. Almost everyone who… Read More
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Economic and Financial Ab…

Economic and Financial Abuse in Relationships

What is Economic Abuse? Economic abuse can be considered a form of domestic violence. Economic abuse can occur when one partner has total control over financial resources, withholds access to money, or attempts to prevent a victim or survivor from wo… Read More
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Can I Use Mediation for M…

Can I Use Mediation for My Divorce or Custody Case?

What is Mediation? Mediation is a productive conversation in which two people in a family law context meet with their attorneys and a neutral third party, called the mediator. Mediators are typically family law attorneys and they will help to try and… Read More
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Child Support Modificatio…

Child Support Modification in Wake of COVID-19

If you have lost your job or your income has significantly reduced and you have a Court Order that requires you to pay child support, you are must continue to pay your child support. You will be held responsible for any unpaid child support based on… Read More
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Maryland Divorce Cases an…

Maryland Divorce Cases and the Coronavirus

The global coronavirus pandemic is something the world has not seen in more than a century. If you look at it that way, maybe it makes sense that it is causing unprecedented disruption in Maryland, throughout the country, and across the globe. For pe… Read More
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Dividing Property in Divorce in Maryland

Marital Property Marital property is all property that has been acquired during the marriage, including (but not limited to): Real estate property (such as a house, condominium, or land) Bank accounts Retirement and pension assets Stock Furniture Car… Read More
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Handling Holidays with Children

The Split Family’s Guide to Celebrating the Holidays It is that time of year when things can become tense as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year plans for separated families are negotiated and implemented. For most of us Christmas is a happy time,… Read More
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Tax Consequences of Alimony

What are the tax consequences of paying or receiving alimony? If you are paying alimony, then those payments can be tax deductible, so long as certain conditions are met in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code. If you are receiving alimony, then… Read More
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How to Get A Divorce in Less than a Year

Divorce by Mutual Consent Maryland has added a new ground for divorce which changes the wait time to get a divorce. This law went into effect on October 1, 2015. The divorce ground is called “Mutual Consent.” Prior to this law, every married pers… Read More
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Maryland Child Support and the Unemployed Parent

Voluntary Impoverishment If child support is an issue in your Maryland case and your child’s other parent is not working, or is not working enough, then you may be able to ask the Court to treat that parent as if they were working full time. A pare… Read More
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