Child Support Modification in Wake of COVID-19

Child Support Modificatio…

If you have lost your job or your income has significantly reduced and you have a Court Order that requires you to pay child support, you are must continue to pay your child support. You will be held responsible for any unpaid child support based on the amount of money you were making when the child support was calculated.

The Court will only backdate a child support modification request to the date that you file, NOT the date that you lost your job.

Do NOT wait until the Courts reopen to file a request for child support modification.

Why Should I Contact the Law Offices of Dana K. Whitten, LLC?

We handle all of the paperwork required by law to request a change in child support. We will:

  • Prepare a new financial statement for you;
  • Draft and file the Petition to Modify Child Support specific to your jurisdiction;
  • We will personally ensure that we receive the court summons; and
  • We will help you obtain the best outcome for your situation.

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