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a stay-at-home parent with two children during a custody case

Can Being a Stay-at-home Parent Affect My Custody Case?

“What judge would ever give you custody of the kids? You don’t have a job!” I’ve heard this too many times. And let me just start this blog post by saying: This is gaslighting and simply is not true. The fact that you have stayed home to rais… Read More
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Young girl bending down covering her face with her hands trying to protect herself from mens' fists, finger guns becaues she is divorcing a gaslighter

How to Combat Gaslighting in Divorce

In the age of misinformation, the term gaslighting has become an integral part of American politics, pop culture and even the medical community. Defined as “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone especially for one’s own advantage,”… Read More
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A woman writing down list of assets to prepare for divorce

How to Prepare for Divorce

The holidays are not always merry and bright. For some, the anticipation of more family time, annual traditions and a load of expectations can cause tensions to run high — even for the healthiest of couples. For those on the brink of divorce, it ca… Read More
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Using Text Messages in Di…

Using Text Messages in Divorce and Custody Matters

Text messages and emails can have a powerful impact in modern divorce and custody cases. Text messages and emails are instant ways to communicate with the other person without having to spend time dialing them up on the telephone. Almost everyone who… Read More
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Can I Use Mediation for M…

Can I Use Mediation for My Divorce or Custody Case?

What is Mediation? Mediation is a productive conversation in which two people in a family law context meet with their attorneys and a neutral third party, called the mediator. Mediators are typically family law attorneys and they will help to try and… Read More
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