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Can child support be modified in Maryland?

Child support is always modifiable in Maryland, meaning that the amount can increase or decrease. However, the party seeking to modify has the burden of establishing that there has been a material change in circumstance that warrants modification of the child support. This can mean that a parent has lost a job; a parent is making less money; a parent is making more money; or other changes in circumstances.

How long does child support last in Maryland?

Under Maryland law, child support is to be paid until the minor child reaches the age of 18. If the child turns 18 during his senior year of high school, child support must be paid until the child turns 18 or graduates, whichever first occurs.

Is there any other way child support can be calculated?

If the combined income between the parents is less than $180,000 per year, or $15,000 per month, then the Maryland Child Support Guidelines will be used to calculate child support. However, if the combined income between the parties exceeds $180,000 per year, then the court will have discretion in establishing the child support amount.

Will my overnights impact my child support?

If one parent has primary physical custody of the minor children, and the other parent has less 92 overnights during the year  then the primary physical custody guidelines worksheet will be used to calculate child support. If the parties have a shared physical custody schedule, so that both parents have at least of overnights during the year, then it is appropriate to use the shared physical custody guidelines worksheet.

What if my child’s other parent stops working to avoid paying child support?

When one parent voluntarily quits their job to avoid paying child support, the court can consider that parent to be “voluntarily impoverished.” If it this is proven, the court will still treat that parent as if they are earning income and will “impute” income to them for purposes of calculating child support.