Marital Separation Agreements in Montgomery County

The divorce litigation process can be time-consuming and expensive. In Maryland, parties can resolve all issues related to their marriage prior to litigation by entering into a private agreement. This agreement is also referred to as a marital settlement agreement, separation agreement, or property settlement agreement. A separation agreement may be written and signed before or after the parties have filed for divorce, even if the parties are still living together. When the ground for divorce is a voluntary twelve-month separation, or separation by mutual consent, a separation agreement may be used as evidence to obtain the divorce.

The separation agreement should include the following:

  • If there are children, the custody schedule and amount of child support;
  • If spousal support is to be paid, the amount and duration of payments;
  • Property division, including what will happen to the property after the divorce; and
  • How health insurance benefits will be treated.

We will negotiate on your behalf the best settlement agreement possible for you. You know your circumstances and goals better than anyone. If it is possible to resolve your case without the need of litigation, then we will help you reach a fair agreement with the terms that work best for you.

Experienced Support for Negotiating Maryland Settlement Agreements

If you are interested in reaching a separation agreement with your spouse, then Attorney Dana Whitten will help you negotiate and mediate in your best interest. We invite you to contact us at (301)637-6070 or using our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you on your Maryland marital settlement agreement matter.